Store manager in LaGrange discusses visit from Surgeon General

NOW: Store manager in LaGrange discusses visit from Surgeon General


LAGRANGE, Ind. – The US Surgeon General recently visited and praised Miller’s Grocery in LaGrange for their commitment to limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams took to twitter to express his appreciation for Miller’s Grocery for providing masks and hand sanitizers as well as being proactive about cleanign their store.

ABC57 spoke with Store Manager Dan Lovell about the visit, and he says that he did not realize it was the Surgeon General at first.

It was not until later when Lovell received multiple phone calls that he realized what happened.

Lovell says that the Surgeon General complimented him on his efforts to comply with certain protocols.

“You don’t get a higher recommendation than the Surgeon General of the United States to come in here and say you’re doing everything right,” Lovell said. “I have to first and foremost give all the credit to my employees because they have been so supportive. They’ve worked through this coronavirus. They’ve done a fantastic job.”

Lovell went on to say that he was excited and proud about the compliments he received from the Surgeon General.

It was not known exactly why the Surgeon General made this surprise visit to Miller’s Grocery, but Lovell believes it may have something to do with their potato salad.

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