Stores see influx of customers before first snow

Michiana's first snow of the season means people across the area will be hitting the stores hard for all their winter supplies.

On ABC 57 news morning edition we warned you that stores would be packed so you should get out early.

Well, as predicted --- Meijer was filled with folks on a mission.

"You can already see just people everywhere," said shopper Tyler Nelson. "I was here literally two days ago and there was no one here."

Meijer staff have seen an influx in customers. They find that lots of shoppers wait till the last minute to get geared up. 

"Traffic has been very heavy today," said Brian Schuler, store manager at Mishawka's Meijer. "They realize that they don't have their snow scraper for their car so they'll be out real heavily tonight."

So it's important to get out while you can or else you may have a tougher search later on.

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