Storm-Track Back-Up

In general weather patterns move west to east, once a storm system is east of our area we say goodbye and and look westward to see what's next. Michiana may be thousands of miles from the Tropics but we can be affected by hurricanes. This week just happens to be one of those occurrences. 

Saturday we witnessed the passing of a cold front that brought showers and thunderstorms ( two delays to Notre Dame game) and ushered in Fall-like temperatures. The cold front moved east and the remnants of Lee have been moving northeast along it, ALL TO OUR EAST. 

Advance to today (Tuesday) and the attached slide show. Slide 1 Shows a strong Category 4 Hurricane Katia in the west central Atlantic. Slide 2 The forecast for Katia is to stay just offshore of the eastern seaboard, the reason for this is it will be battling with Lee's Leftovers trying to to move east. Slide 3 In the "battle" between storms Katia is kept off shore, while Lee's Leftovers are stalled and even forced "backwards" moving westward. This will bring clouds and scattered showers moving in from the east-southeast to Michiana to end the week. This stalled weather pattern is also why we'll be slow to warm and winds stay out of the north until things start to change this weekend. 

This is a somewhat rare for Michiana to have storms out of the east  but tropical impacts are usually the main reason when it does happen. 

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