Storms this morning, humid afternoon

Thunderstorms are still expected in our area through the morning hours. There is no defined line, these are just pop-ups that will be affecting our area until the early afternoon. Biggest threat is damaging winds, but small hail could be seen as well. Partly cloudy skies return in the afternoon, but a stray shower isn't out of the question overnight. The cold front moves through, most likely kicking up storms to our southeast.

Sunday is expected to be cool; most areas may not even reach 70. Gusts of up to 20 mph with sunny skies. Clear and windy conditions stick around into the evening, but clouds start to dot the sky Monday morning. The wind should also die down on Monday. More rain chances moving into mid-week with storms expected Tuesday night. The Fourth of July could also see showers in the afternoon hours, continuing into Friday. Temperatures bounce around the mid-80s most of next week.

Today: Thunderstorms through the morning, clearing in the early afternoon. High 86.
Tonight: Some isolated light showers, gusty. Low 63.
Sunday: Cool, low humidity, clear, gusty. High 70.
Monday: Warmer, mainly sunny. High 77.

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