Strengthening Polar Vortex actually spells mild start to December

As we end November, our friend, the polar vortex, is fairly strong and continues to get stronger.

However, if you think this means a big cold outbreak is on the way, think again! 

Just the words "polar vortex" can understandably send many into a bit of a tizzy. But, if you want the serious cold to stay away, a strong polar vortex is actually a good thing!

When a strong polar vortex is present, it acts to mostly contain the cold air at the poles. La Nina patterns also act to reinforce the cold air staying put. 

It's when the polar vortex weakens when you have to worry. Buckles in the jet stream can stream the cold air into Michiana. 

The polar vortex is difficult to predict past a few weeks. At this point, the vortex looks to remain strong through most of December, meaning a relatively mild start to winter is likely. 

Long-term models are much more unsure about what will come in January and early February, however. 

At least in the short term, fans of winter will have to wait a while longer for true Michiana cold to arrive.

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