String of car thefts in Mishawaka neighborhood

A string of thefts in the Mishawaka Berkley Circle neighborhood have police asking for help.

Lieutenant Tim Williams with the Mishawaka Police Department says that bad habits become a crime of opportunity for crooks looking to get their hands on your valuables.

"We need to stop leaving things in our cars," said Williams.

On April 2, someone went on a crime spree and broke into cars and stole credit cards, electronics and even social security cards.

This doesn't come as a surprise for police.

"The weather is warmer, more people are out and about," said Williams.

With the warmer weather, things like cell phones or a wallet left in your car are being swiped more often.

If you see anything suspicious, you're encouraged to speak up.

If you have any information about who committed these crimes you can call the Mishawka Police Department at 574- 258-1684
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