Strong winds, high surf on Lake Michigan

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- Gusts of 55 miles per hour were felt throughout the day making for some wild waves. One buoy in the middle of Lake Michigan recorded waves as high as 22-feet.

From the bluff on Tiscornia Beach in St Joe you can respect the power Sandy has put into Lake Michigan.

But if you get close you can feel the storm's violence and unpredictability.

Trying to get up close and personal to one wave sent me running backwards more than a hundred feet to stay dry.

Those sights and sounds brought dozens to experience it.

About 25 miles south, in New Buffalo, Rich Lenardson with Great Lakes Towing is babysitting a 52 foot yacht south of New Buffalo's pier.

They beached it and are constantly adjusting its position until the conditions die down enough to tow it to safety.

The crew likely has another day or so with conditions like this, but until then, they've got a front seat.

"It's the biggest I've ever seen the lake in my life and I've been here for 39 years and I don't think we'll see it again,” said Lenardson

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