Stuck like glue s'more cupcakes

You know the feeling when something sounds too good to be true but you do it anyway?

That is exactly what happened with my latest cupcake attempt.  

The recipe for these s'more cupcakes was so simple it was calling my name!

A chocolate cupcake (you could even use the box kind, but I opted to bake it from scratch) topped with a graham cracker and a marshmallow.

So easy, right?  Irresistible!

You bake the cupcakes and then in the final 5 minutes top them in the oven with the cracker and marshmallow.  

I read the comments and reviews of the recipe and a couple of people said their marshmallows fell over.  Others said it worked fine!

Mine were a near disaster!

The marshmallows did not fall over in my batches, they expanded!  When I took them out of the oven it looked like I had melted the marshmallow man all over my cupcake tins!

Needless to say the finished product does not look very appealing.  

No one at work has been brave enough to try them yet!  

Hopefully they taste better than they look!


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