Student enrollment increases at Goshen College

Goshen College’s student enrollment has increased by 4%. The liberal arts college has 4,000 alumni still living in the county and the increase in students has local employers hopeful for more applicants to pick from.
In 2016 the freshman class increased by 6%.
“This is one of the largest classes since 2009 here at Goshen college,” says Adela Hufford, Dean of Admission.
With 870 students taking classes this fall total enrollment is up 4% and the student body is also getting more diverse. Minority students are 35% of the population this fall versus 33% last year.
About 20% of Goshen College’s students are Latinos.
“This is a reflection of the diversity that is increasing in our local community,” says Hufford.
Goshen College’s minority demographics may be growing but it’s no where near Goshen Community Schools where 51% of the students are Hispanic.
“We want to gradually increase the number of our teachers who are of diverse cultures and ethnicity,” says Tamra Ummel, who works with Goshen Community Schools.
Ummel heads the human resources department and says this year just under 6% of the teachers are Latino. In 2015 the school district began an intentional push to hire more diverse teachers.
“It’s important that they understand their content it’s important that they have the skills to deliver instructions but relationships with children and youth are very high up on our list,” says Ummel.
Goshen Community Schools has partnered with Goshen College for student teaching opportunities.
With education being one of the top majors students are picking, Ummel hopes the growth in minority college students will help close the gap. 
“I believe teaching is a very noble profession and I’d really like to see more people who interested in working with children get into the profession,” says Ummel.
Some other top majors include nursing, business, American sign language and biology.

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