Student ISTEP scores released, glitches had no effect

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Individual ISTEP scores have been released by the state. Many parents wanted to know whether or not the technical glitches during the testing process affected scores.

The state determined that the technical glitches didn't have any impact on student scores, but many parents and teachers still wondered about whether it would affect student scores.

Those questions were answered with the release of scores on Wednesday.

School administrators for South Bend and Penn-Harris-Madison schools districts said despite the test interruptions, students' scores actually improved a bit.

"I would say to parents we've got an upward trend. So our guarantee to you or our commitment to you is that we have it continue," said Carole Schmidt.

Students took the ISTEP last spring.

The exam tests their knowledge of English, math, science and social studies.

This year a little more than 67 percent of South Bend students met the state's standard in English, that's up a little from last year.

Administrators wish the numbers were higher, but say they're moving in the right direction.

"The trend is up. Are we where we want to be? No. But we're headed in the right direction," said Schmidt.

Math scores also went up.

Similar improvements were seen at Penn-Harris-Madison Schools.

"We love to revel in some of the success but also know that our work isn't finished. That it's a continuous process and we continue to look at this year and the years to come," said Assistant Superintendent Kay Antonelli of Penn Harris Madison Schools.

Overall 5th and 7th graders at Penn Harris Madison did better last year, but Antonelli doesn't blame computer glitches for the decline.

Parents can access their student's scores online:

If you want your child's English, math, or social studies exam to be rescored submit a request through their school. You have until September 30th.

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