Students calling for Michigan athletic director to resign

University of Michigan students are calling for athletic director Dave Brandon to resign.

It comes after a controversial move to put quarterback Shane Morris back on the field after a play that has now been seen across the country.

It shows Morris taking a hit to the jaw, and getting leveled during a play. He stumbled off the field but was put back in the game minutes later.

Hundreds of Michigan students took to campus Tuesday, signs in hand. They are angry about what they say was a careless decision. These students are asking for athletic director Brandon to step down.

Officials acknowledge they made a mistake when they put Morris back in the game after he took a bad hit from Minnesota's Theiren Cockran.

Morris was later diagnosed with a probable concussion.

In a statement athletic director Brandon said there was "a serious lack of communication" among the coaching staff. Still, students and football fans are outraged by the decision to keep an injured player on the field.

“I cannot support a program director who puts an injured player back out on the field,” one protester said.

“When there's a kid out there on the field laying everything he has on the line with a concussion and nobody is taking any responsibility is unacceptable,” said another.

But some are more understanding saying it is often difficult for players and coaches to recognize when they are too injured to play.

“I've been in those positions where you're hurt, you want to continue,” football fan Jeffrey Byers said.

Michigan said they will now have a medical professional in the press box or video booth to make sure this doesn't happen again.
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