Students fall on icy sidewalks by Niles High School

Parents of students at Niles High School are upset because they said the sidewalks by the school are icy.

When school got out Wednesday afternoon, several students slipped on the sidewalk on Eagle Street.

Dr. Linley, the Niles Community Schools superintendent said our reporter's call was the first he had heard of the problem.

Officials said they did not believe our story "warranted an on camera interview."

However, on Wednesday afternoon a man was seen putting salt on the sidewalk.

One mom who was waiting to pick up her kindergartner at a nearby bus stop said she put down her own salt on the sidewalk by her home for the kids who walk to school.

She didn't want to reveal her last name, but Heather said several parents have voiced their concerns about the sidewalks, and they claim officials didn't do anything.

Heather said, “They're sheets of ice! Kids are falling! Kids are walking in the roads because of the ice!”

If you are an upset parent, officials are asking that you call the superintendent's office with your concerns.

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