Students in South Bend attend 'Touch of Class' ball

NOW: Students in South Bend attend ’Touch of Class’ ball


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Students in South Bend were rewarded with a night to remember on Thursday.

South Bend Schools hosted the Charles Martin Touch of Class Ball at the Century Center on Thursday night.

The event was similar to a prom, but was for middle school students.

The ball was for students who made honor roll, had perfect attendance, had zero suspensions and had improved their grades.

“Every student in the building tonight took a pledge where they wrote down some individual goals for themselves, whether it be academic, behavioral goals, just ways they want to improve themselves,” Taylor Williams from the Department of African American Student and Parent Services said.

School leaders said their goal was to have 300 students in attendance.

500 students ended up enjoying the event and benefiting from all their hard work.

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