Students: keep personal data safe

With only a few days until freshman move into Notre Dame, ABC 57 wants to remind students to keep their data safe.


Students need to be very protective over their bank account number, credit card number, and Social Security card number.


One of the best ways to do this is to put a lock on your phone, if some of this valuable data can be found inside.


According to the National Cyber Security Alliance Executive Director Michael Kaiser, students could keep their personal information private in an old-fashioned way. 


“Any new college students, I say, Hey, ask what are you doing with my information?  How do you store information?  Are you going to take that file and lock it in a cabinet when I leave here?  I mean those are the basic things that keep information safe.”


Students and parents need to make sure that when they are filling out applications to be mindful and keep the information secure. 


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