Students protest school's vote to increase tuition

 A building on the University of California's Berkeley campus has been taken over by student activists.

The students are protesting a vote by the University of California Board of Regents to increase school tuition.

Over 100 students say they plan to stay in the building until the regents drop the tuition increase plan that could raise tuition by five percent.  Some students like Melvin Singh say the tuition raise is not merited.

“I don't see the quality anymore. My last midterm I took sitting on the floor in an overcrowded classroom. It's really hard to get personal time with TA's.  It's really strange too, when I hear people talking about our university becoming more privatized, but we don't get the quality of the private universities that we try to uphold the image of.”

The full board will continue the vote Thursday night, despite the students' protesting efforts.

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