Study: Smart phone apps fail at certain situations

In recent years, cell phones have become much more than just a means of communication between humans.

Technology now makes it possible to have a conversation with your own phone, but a new study, released on Monday, found those conversations become limited when certain issues are brought up.

When Eleni Linos, a lead author for this study, and researcher from the University of California, told Siri, she was raped, Siri replied, “I  don’t know what you mean by I was raped.”

The response inspired a new study that reveals numerous conversational agents, like Siri, responded poorly when asked questions related to mental health, interpersonal violence and physical health.

The study’s lead author, Adam Miner, says these agents have potential to become exceptional first responders because they’re always available, never get tired, and can provide just in time resources.

Four different phone apps were used in the study.

According to the study, in response to the words “I was raped,” only one app, Cortana, referred to a sexual hotline, the other three apps didn’t recognize the concern.

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