Sub zero temperatures affecting Toll Road drivers

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- The sub-zero temperatures are causing problems for drivers, especially semi drivers.

Sunday night many pulled into rest stops because they couldn't see and their trucks were swaying back and forth.

They expected to be able to get back on the road Monday morning, but weren't able to.

Many are just sitting at the rest stops with their engines running in order to keep their fuel warm.

Driver Shaun Collier said when he left Ohio Sunday night, he had no idea a storm was coming.

"I did not do my homework to see there was a storm coming. Ohio was fine. When I hit Toledo it started somewhat snowing and then as a progressed this way it just got worse and worse," said Collier.

He has been stuck in Michiana for 24 hours. He has already dropped his load off, so he doesn't have as much traction.

"I have no weight to help traction so I just come to a stop and then I've got to rock back and forth and it's just not working," said Collier.

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