Supporters react to Buttigieg ending his candidacy

NOW: Supporters react to Buttigieg ending his candidacy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Thousands of voters are left wondering who to vote for after former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg ended his campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination. 

Buttigieg made the announcement Sunday at the Century Center.

Hundreds of supporters came out for the announcement. The ones ABC57 spoke to say they’re sad and upset but they understand his decision. 

“I think he really demonstrated that he’s got the right intellect and right temperament to be in that office and I hope he will someday,” said Joe Thomas, a South Bend resident. 

“He did what Pete does which is put party and country above himself,” said Amika Micou, a South Bend resident. “As heartbreaking as it is because I thought he was the exact candidate that we need as president, I think it’s such a class act. I’m so proud.” 

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