Suspect arraigned for crash that seriously injured jogger

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The man accused of driving drunk and hitting and seriously injuring a jogger last Thursday was arraigned Monday. Quentin Burnley, 23, faces one count of causing serious bodily injury while operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

The victim, 30-year-old Tiffany Brantley, is still hospitalized in critical condition. Family members say there is a chance she will be paralyzed but they are hoping for the best.

"She affects a lot of people and health and fitness is very important and that's something that people love to practice, it gives them peace of mind every day, and for that to be taken away from her, and the effect that it puts on society, her being able to work out, you know, justice has to be served," said Shawn Major Winston, Brantley's cousin.


Brantley's family members were in court Monday when Burnley was arraigned.

 "She's in the hospital fighting for her general well-being right now, going through surgeries. They've stopped the bleeding, they are working on repairing different body parts such as the spine and pelvis," said Major-Winston.

Brantley's family members are concerned the felony charge of causing serious bodily injury while operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated will be reduced to a misdemeanor charge.


"She had family here today, she had the family from World Gym come today, and really people just wanted to see justice carried out," said Major-Winston.

They want justice for their family member who may never walk again.


"It'll make Tiffany's family happy, it will make the World Gym happy, for justice to be served and make the felony stick," said Major-Winston.

A spokesperson with the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office says Burnley is still facing a class D felony.

He posted bond over the weekend and is no longer in the St. Joseph County Jail.


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