Swimmers don't see or ignore 'no swimming' signs at Silver Beach

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- At Silver Beach in St. Joseph Michigan, many beachgoers ignored or didn't see the 'no swimming' signs. There were no lifeguards on duty and the no swimming warnings were posted because of dangerous rip currents. Some people seemed to not understand the danger rip currents pose.

As cars lined up to pay to park at Silver Beach, everyone drove past the warning sign that said 'no swimming.'

"I didn't see the sign that said no swimming. We didn't notice those," said Peter Jones.

Judging by the number of people in the water, he's not the only one.

Reporter Meghan Schiller pulled a few people out of the water to ask them if they remember seeing any important signage.

"Just a small sign that said 'No swimming,'" said Jamison Corn from Leesburg, Indiana.

With no life guards on duty and dangerous rip currents, the red flags are flying high.

But not everyone looks up.

Only those who parked down at the beach would have passed the no swimming sign.

"We parked up top, so we didn't pay to get in. We walked from up in town there so we didn't see the sign," said Jones.

"It was just on one of those little parking cones. I didn't know if it was supposed to be there or if it was just a real no swimming sign. But then I see these ones so then I don't really know," said Laura Hunt from Westland, Michigan.

All the parents said they keep their kids close so they don't worry.

Others said that they know what to expect.

"I mean I go to the ocean all the time in Florida and very rarely do you see lifeguards. So I think people should mostly use their best judgment," said Hunt.

"I'm from out east so we spent a lot of time at the ocean, so this was nothing compared to what we grew up swimming around," said Jones.

One man said he doesn't rely at all on life guards to watch his kids, so it's no problem if they're not here.

"We've had our kids in swim lessons which doesn't mean a whole lot, but as long as they're with us we feel comfortable," said Corn.

There won't be any lifeguards for the rest of the summer.

Beachgoers should be extremely careful and stay out of the water when the red flag is flying.

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