Syracuse tattoo parlor makes changes prior to re-opening

NOW: Syracuse tattoo parlor makes changes prior to re-opening

SYRACUSE, Ind.—As part of phase two of Governor Eric Holcomb’s Back on Track plan, non-essential businesses were allowed to re-open today at a 50 percent capacity.

Anchor Down Tattoo Company in Syracuse opened its door and while tattoo artists used this day to the reschedule client’s appointments, they won’t be taking in any new clients until Wednesday.

When people come into the tattoo shop, they’re going to notice their tattoo artist wearing a face mask, and although the shop doesn’t require customers to wear a mask while getting a tattoo, they ask that customers bring one with them.

There will be five technicians working and each artist has their own space that is separated from each other. The owner, Shane Yoder said they expect to have no more than 10 people in the tattoo parlor at a time; this includes tattoo artists.

They ask that customers come alone when getting a tattoo, and if they bring someone along, that person may be asked to wait outside if it gets too crowded.

Yoder said he hopes customers are patient when they come inside the shop since they are still trying to figure things out.

“We’re trying our best to think of everything but we’re human and we’re gonna not think of everything and go oh yeah we need to do that too and think of something else," Yoder, owner of Anchor Down Tattoo Company said. "So, today I was just thinking portfolios, we usually have little books out that have our art work for people to go through. We’re getting rid of those so that people don’t have to touch it."

He said they will be utilizing the parking lot more and asking customers to wait outside in their car before bringing them in the shop.

“With piercings those usually take about 15 minutes or so, so that kind of aligns system in their car will work out pretty well for that. With tattoos it’ll be a little bit more dependent because sometimes tattoos take a little bit longer,” said Yoder.

Tattoo artists at Anchor Down Tattoo Company can reschedule an appointment if they find themselves running out of PPE such as gloves and face masks.

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