Tallest US man gets some expensive shoes

Igor Vovkovinskiy, the tallest man in the US got some new shoes thanks to Reebok.

The Minnesota man could not find any shoes to fit his size 24 feet, until now.

Reebok made him three pairs of custom sneakers, one of them cost $25,000.

Vovkovinskity is 7'8" and the shoes are more than just a gift, they are a life changer.

He could not leave his home after painful foot ailments and surgeries.

"I never thought again I'd have a pair of shoes that looks like something that comes off the shelf. And to have all of these things personalized specifically to me, it goes above and beyond anything I had ever hoped for," said Vavkovinskiy.

A team of ten designers used laser technology and molds to custom make three pairs. The sole is actually made of memory foam.

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