New Shop & Scan technology brings more shopping options to Michiana

NOW: New Shop & Scan technology brings more shopping options to Michiana

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Options for shoppers are branching out as many stores add "scan-and-go" technology. Kroger, Walmart , and Sam’s Club all have the technology in some or all stores. Now Meijer is bringing it to the company's Michiana stores.

Meijer just launched Shop & Scan in all South Bend and Mishawaka locations, plus Goshen, Benton Harbor and Stevensville. The store hopes the new options will make grocery shopping more convenient for local shoppers. 

"We're excited to bring another service to our customers," said Jeremy Jakobsons, service specialist with Meijer. "People like to shop in different ways. Some people like to come in the store and they like that cashier interaction, some people like to go through self checkout and some people just want to get in and out. That's really what Shop & Scan targets are those customers ready to get in and out of the store quick, efficiently, and have control over their order."

The company has been piloting and testing the technology for a while to gain insight into what customers really want. Jakobsons says originally it was a stand-alone app, but the company found customers wanted something that was part of the already existing Meijer app.

“We have it fully integrated into the Meijer app for our mPerks customers,” said Jakobsons. “They can scan, they can look at coupons while they shop, they can look at the ad while they shop. It’s just a really simple process.”

The Meijer app is free to download. Customers can also use free Wi-Fi in all Meijer stores to use the app while shopping.

The company has so far launched the technology in parts of Michigan as well as Fort Wayne and South Bend areas. It hopes to have Shop & Scan available in all stores by the end of the year.

The video above explains how Shop & Scan works.  

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