Teen accused in dog's death to be tried as adult

ELKHART, Ind. -- A 16 year old accused of using a gun during a robbery and of throwing a lit firecracker at a dog will be tried as an adult.

During an evidentiary hearing, the state petitioned the court to try Marquis Gary as an adult on the two charges.

The state argued Gary is beyond the rehabilitation of the juvenile system and all of the resources of the juvenile system have already been exhausted. The state also argued Gary was a risk to the community.

Magistrate Deborah Domine found probable cause to believe that Gary committed the acts of robbery while armed with a deadly weapon and cruelty to an animal and determined it would be in the community's best interest for Gary to be tried as an adult.

Gary was transported to the Elkhart County Jail and a $5,000 bond was set for the cruelty to an animal charge and a $50,000 bond was set for the robbery charge.

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