Teen fights school district over color of hair

Adam Harding

Atlanta, GA -- A teen said she is fighting with a school district over a policy concerning hair color.

Jaida Henley, 13, is fighting with Douglas County -- just west of Atlanta -- as she recently dyed her hair a bright red.

The district policy reads: The school administration reserves the right to determine if a student's dress, hairstyle, etc. are too distracting from the learning environment to be considered appropriate for school. Not approved for school wear: Unnatural colored hair or any hairstyle which causes a distraction to the learning environment.

Henley said she started an online petition to change the rule after she was told to change the color of her hair. The petition has garnered more than 600 signatures.

"They asked me what was my plan, and that I needed to change it or else I'd have consequences," Henley said. "I wasn't trying to cause a problem. I'm not changing my hair for a ridiculous rule."

Henley has not been punished for the color of her hair. She said other students have faced in-school suspension, however.

She presented her case before the school board and is hoping the rules are soon changed.

"I'm not taking it out against the school," she added. "I'm not trying to take it out against the board of education, either. I'm just trying to get them to listen."


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