Teen recovers from gunshot wound to the chest

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Police say a 17-year-old boy got shot in the chest while walking home from a friend's house just before 8 p.m. Tuesday night and the two gunmen are still on the loose.


Friends and family say the teen is doing surprisingly well. The boy's family has been at the hospital, by his side while he recovers from a surgery he had Wednesday to remove the bullet from his chest. 


Ike Jones still cannot believe his neighbor's family was a victim of shooting just months after moving in.


"She is a good mother and loves her kids and it's just crazy that her son got shot in the alley right behind their house," says Jones.


Jones lives just across the street from where the shooting happened and was home at the time. He says he did not know anything had happened until he saw the police lights flashing in his window.


"That's what made me open the door. I looked and saw 10 or 15 police cars shining their lights on that house, so I figured it was just another shooting going on over there."


Jones says this neighborhood, and the house on the corner of his street, has had several shootings, but he was still shock to hear the teen had been shot while walking home from a friend's house.


Police say two people just walked up and shot the 17-year-old boy once in the chest Tuesday night and police still do not know why.


After hearing what happened to the teen, Jones is more worried about his own son.


"My son be running around at 18-years-old and at a certain age you can't keep them in when they get to a certain age. So, I am always paranoid when I hear gunshots.


Right now, police are still looking for two people involved in the shooting and 

Jones says he just wants police to catch whoever did this to keep this sort of thing from happening again.


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