Temperatures stay above normal in the rest of July's outlook

NOW: Temperatures stay above normal in the rest of July’s outlook


It has already been a hot start to July, and the outlook for the rest of the month shows temperatures will stay above normal.

Normally each July, there are between six to seven 90 degree days. In 2019, we were right on track with six of these days in South Bend. In 2020, we are already ahead of that total, and not even halfway done with the month. We've had eight 90 degree days as of July 13.

Even though we enjoyed comfortable temperatures the last few days (we had a high of 79 degrees on July 13), it is going to get hot again soon. The temperature outlook for the next six to ten days shows there is an 80% chance that temperatures will stay above normal. This means we will add more to our 90 degree day total for July.

Climate Prediction Center

To finish the month, the eight to fourteen day outlook shows there is a 60% chance that temperatures stay above normal. To end July, temperatures are typically in the low to mid 80s, meaning it is likely temperatures are in the upper 80s or warmer.

Climate Prediction Center

With these hot temperatures, remember to take care of yourself when you head outside and drink plenty of water.

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