Thanks for the gloomy weather, Lee!

Don't blame me for the gloomy weather.

Blame Lee.  It is convenient that "he" no longer exists, but the rain is still falling, and the gloomy gray skies remain. 

Yes, this dreary wet Thursday has been due to the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. 

These rain bands are moving the opposite direction we are used to...they are extending out to the west.  (moving from the east to the west)  That explains why the rain moved into LaGrange and Kosciusko counties first, then expanded out to the rest of Michiana.

Hold on to the umbrella as more showers are ahead through the start of the weekend.  You will not have to cling to the umbrella quite as tight, though as the winds have subsided. 

Still brisk outside!  Temperatures have stayed in the 60s today, and they will slowly be warming back up toward 80 for the end of the weekend as sunshine returns in time for the B100 Birthday Bash on Sunday!

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