That goose makes a great cup of coffee

You are not going to believe the sentence below.  Take my word for it ;)

A gas station/convenience store on the East Coast has the best coffee and hoagies (translation: sub sandwiches) ever!  (Geez...even I do not believe that.  Well maybe not, ever...but some of the best!)

When I think of "gas station food" I think of the interesting things rolling in the heaters that usually have the word "tasty" in their title. 

Wawa changed my life.

I remember when I interviewed for my job in New Jersey our chief meteorologist was taking me on a tour and pointed out Wawa to me and explained that it had great food.  I laughed out loud.  He is right about most things (as all of us meteorologists are) and this was another example!

Why am I bringing this up?  What do you care?   Well, you probably do not.  But, every time I would do the morning shift live in NJ, I had a fresh made Philly style soft pretzel (delivered fresh every day to each store at about 2 am...just in time for me to grab one!)  and a cup of hazelnut coffee with hazelnut creamer for breakfast.  I know...really healthy.  But, it was delicious!  And, was the motivation I needed some days to get myself into work!  

I stopped for coffee this morning, and it was great.  But, I miss Wawa.  As a parting gift from the Garden State, one of my close friends got me some Wawa hazelnut coffee to brew at home.  I still have about enough for one more cup in my freezer...just waiting for a special day. 

Another day with the potential for severe weather and little sleep!  I am thinking this may be just the day to brew that final cup.

Now, if only I had a pretzel. 


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