The 2016 Midwest RV Super Show: one of the most successful ever for the RV industry

Another year of the Midwest RV Super Show came to a close tonight, with exciting news for the RV industry: booming numbers for dealers and buyers.

James Temple and his family did their research, and now they’re eager to purchase their first RV.

“Well we’re looking at getting a travel trailer here in the spring and we thought this would be a good opportunity to come out and see what’s available,” said Temple.

He and several others flocked to the Midwest RV Super Show this weekend, making it a success.

“I know sales have been good. By the time we finish up the show today, there will probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty to sixty units sold over the course of four days out here,” said Matt Rose, the show’s director.

Rose believes the numbers soared because of the average RV buyer is changing.

“The average RV buyer is actually getting younger. We see a lot of families coming out, which is great, because they’re going to enter the RV market earlier and they’ll buy more RV’s over the course of their RV-ING career, so that’s a great thing for the industry,” said Rose.

RV sales have tended to rise and fall with the economy, but with the industry’s current standing, it’s a smart investment for buyers. That’s why 2016 is one of the RV industry’s best years yet.

“All indications say so far that 2016’s gonna be a great year. We’re looking forward to 2017 as well. We have our fingers crossed that business will continue to improve,” said Rose.

This year’s turnout brought over four-thousand people to the show, exceeding last year’s attendance. With the industry’s recent success, the unemployment rate in Elkhart County, that was nearly nineteen percent just a few years ago, has dropped down to four percent.

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