The Beacon hosting 'Second Chance' job fair creating job opportunities to returning citizen

NOW: The Beacon hosting ’Second Chance’ job fair creating job opportunities to returning citizen

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A ‘Second Chance’ job fair is happening on Thursday in South Bend to help formerly incarcerated individuals learn new skills and become active members of the community again.

Today is the second annual “Day of Second Chances” where locations across the nation are giving those who have been behind bars a chance to get a job.

The Beacon’s Executive Director Jeff Walker tells me that second chances are difficult for many returning citizens due to employment barriers but this event will give all citizens a chance for change

The Beacon is a non-profit who focuses on transforming lives in South Bend.

They have partnered up with local businesses to offer new job opportunities.

The event is open to everyone but there will be a focus on knocking down employment barriers that incarcerated citizens face when returning to the workforce.

“I just sense the gratitude and the people are just extremely grateful that someone is willing to do this for them. And, I hate to even say for them because this is a community effort, we’re all in this together. Our returning citizens are a part of this community and we don’t ever want to have the separation of an ‘us and them’ but we’re all inclusive and we want everyone to have the best opportunity to get employed and have a successful life,” Walker said.

The event will be kicking off at the Beacon at 10 a.m. and will run until 2 p.m. with different rooms dedicated to different services for the community.

And, if you have no access to transportation, no problem.

Free Uber rides will be available to the first one-hundred individuals to sign up at

Other services provided at the event are one-on-one coaching, resume writing and interview training skills!

“Come out and put your best foot forward, bring your resumes or come prepared to have a resume written for you. The employers that are going to be in the house understand that the individuals coming through the door have had some barriers to employment in the past and they understand that and are willing to extend employment opportunities,” Walker said.

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