The Buttigieg campaign reveals its strategy for the Iowa caucuses

NOW: The Buttigieg campaign reveals its strategy for the Iowa caucuses

DES MOINES, Iowa -- With the final day before the Iowa caucuses, candidates have been working to gain as much momentum and support as possible.

Pete Buttigieg traveled all over the Hawkeye State the past few days, and his Iowa State Director has revealed more about his strategy.

Buttigieg made his final pitch to undecided Iowan voters at Lincoln High School, but some have already made their decision,

“I am all in for this new generation of leadership that is smarter than most people,” said caucus-goer Kathleen Feeney.

Buttigieg held 53 town halls in Iowa over the past three weeks.

On Saturday alone, Buttigieg held five town halls and focused on the counties that voted twice for Obama but flipped to Trump in 2016.

Buttigieg’s Iowa State Director, Brendan McPhillips, has said the strategy in Iowa has been to simply reach as many people as physically possible.

“The special thing about Iowa is that you can really get to know voters one on one,” McPhillips said. “Our campaign here in Iowa has always taken the approach of needing the campaign everywhere and asking everyone for their support. Democrats have needed to do a better job of really talking to everyone. Not just going to metro areas but really going everywhere.”

What the campaign is looking forward to now is seeing the results of Monday’s caucuses.

“[I’m] cautiously optimistic. I think we’ve got the best ground game in Iowa. We’ve got an amazing team knocking on doors in all 99 counties this weekend. It’s been an inspiring team to be a part of and I think they’re going to do a great job tomorrow night and bring it home,” McPhillips said.

The Buttigieg campaign remains optimistic about winning the state, but the population of Iowa is more than 90 percent white, which is something to keep in mind.

With Buttigieg polling low among black voters across the country, he will likely face some backlash despite the credibility a win might give him.

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