The family of Andre Northern killed in a car crash reacts to the sentencing of James Morrison

SOUTH BEND, IN -- James Morrison, 39, was sentenced to up to 23 years in prison for the deadly car crash that killed Andre Northern.

The charges Morrison was convicted for are the result of stealing a car, leading police on a deadly chase, crossing state lines and driving while under the influence.

At the time of the crash, Morrison had alcohol and heroin in his system.

The Northern family says Morrison’s addiction is no excuse.

“Mr. Morrison has done this three times so he could've gotten the help that he needed and he didn't. He chose not to and we are a God fearing family so we do forgive and I just hope that he gets the help he needs in prison because there's no winners at all we did lose our father,” said Tamiea Johnson.

At the time of the crash, Morrison had six open cases which included operating a car under the influence.

The judge says she kept Morrison’s apology, and his previous record in mind during sentencing.

"There's never going to be a fair sentence when to lose your parent. I mean, as far as you know he took a life. He took someone from us that we could never replace,” said Johnson.

After Morrison serves his sentence he will be on probation with strict rules.

Despite everything,  the Northern family says there was something symbolic about today's sentencing

“Yesterday was birthday and my father and I share a birthday so he would've been 64 yesterday and I feel like this does kind of bring it full circle,” said Andre Northern Jr. the son of the victim.

The Northern family says during this time they would like to keep Morrison’s family in their thoughts too because his family will be without him for a long time.

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