The Lerner Theatre sparks festive tradition with window displays

NOW: The Lerner Theatre sparks festive tradition with window displays

ELKHART, Ind. - The holiday spirit is shining bright this year with the Lerner Theatre's captivating light display.

Rod Roberson, Elkhart's Mayor, says the window displays are becoming a tradition for families, lighting up the pinnacle downtown area. 

"We really want people to feel as though Elkhart is walking right with you during Christmas," he said. 

In collaboration with Premiere Arts, the Lerner Theatre presented four individually unique window displays ranging from favorite holiday treats to holiday traditions. 

Windows displays varied between a manger scene, a pink tree decorated in delicious treats--donuts and cupcakes--surrounded by nutcrackers, a music themed tree covered in mini vinal records next to a drum and jukebox and a fourth window showed a traditional Christmas tree. 

Kids stood turning on the lights. 

For Michelle Frank, the Executive Director of the Lerner Theatre, the display is all about bringing joy the community. 

"To have people come down here and enjoy it, to get to frequent our shops downtown and you know, spend holidays down here that's something that's really special for us," she said. 

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