The rainy stretch continues heading into May

We finish out the weekend very similar to how we started it; dry skies in the morning with a bit of sunshine possibly peeking through the clouds, followed by rain showers in the afternoon. It will be cooler with highs topping out near 50 and winds gusting up to 25 mph. Showers through the evening turn to more steady light rain overnight. Tomorrow morning will be a bit wet heading out the door with even more rainfall taking over most of Monday. It will be the most miserable day with moderate to heavy rain likely, breezy winds gusting to 35 mph, and chilly temperatures in the mid 40's. Tuesday starts a bit damp although most of the day will be dry, but still breezy. Sunshine should return Wednesday, highs climb back into the 60's by Thursday. Next weekend looks nice so far with more sunshine and warmer weather.

Today: Partly to mostly cloudy AM. Afternoon showers. High 50.
Tonight: Showers. Low 37.
Monday: Rainy and breezy. High 43.
Tuesday: Showers ending early. Mostly cloudy and breezy. High 46.

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