The results are in: Potawatomi Poppy's 2023 Groundhog Day prediction

The results are in: Potawatomi Poppy’s 2023 Groundhog Day prediction

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- In her first Groundhog Day forecast, Potawatomi Poppy has predicted six more weeks of winter for Michiana.

After Poppy's crate door was opened, she crawled underneath a rock tunnel, but she did not move out of the tunnel or venture into any of the snow. She stayed here for several minutes, snacking on some peanuts from her keepers.

Because she was hesitant to leave the safety of the rocks, the Potawatomi Zoo staff determined that she had seen her shadow. This means she thinks Michiana is in store for six more weeks of wintertime.

You can read more about Poppy and the history of the holiday here.

While she is very cute, this rodent may not be the best at forecasting. You can watch for the latest updates from our First Warning Neighborhood Weather team - who say that warming temperatures next week may help us feel a little more spring-like than Poppy predicted.

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