The RV Hall of Fame hosts the Annual Midwest RV Super Show

NOW: The RV Hall of Fame hosts the Annual Midwest RV Super Show


ELKHART, Ind.- The RV Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart hosted the 64th Annual Midwest RV Super Show on Thursday.

The show was held in the new expansion of the Hall of Fame which includes a 22,000 square foot pavilion.

The expansion enabled the show to include 11 northern Indiana dealers, more dealers than it has in the past, and offered attendees the chance to see some antique recreational vehicles as well as new.

This yearly show allows RV buyers to see and compare a wide variety of RVs, from many different manufacturers, all in one place.

The high competition made prices lower than normal, some priced up to 25% below MSRP, hopefully enticing more attendees to buy.

Matt Rose, the RV Show Director, said, “You know, I think the best is yet to come with the RV industry here in Elkhart County. The industry continues to grow, products become more innovative and manufacturers work hard to lower that barrier of entry to RVers. We’re seeing more and more young families and young folks enjoying RVing and getting into the RV life style, and that’s good for Elkhart county and good for the industry.”

The once-a-year event will continue until Sunday.

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