The Stray Dog reopens after fire

NEW BUFFALO, Mich. -- The Stray Dog bar and grill reopened Thursday in New Buffalo after a fire destroyed the restaurant last summer. Members of the community are happy to have it back from the ashes.

“It’s a beautiful day for the opening and look at the turn out they got! It’s a good thing for New Buffalo,” Philip Ruddy said.

The Ruddys have been in love with New Buffalo for decades and last summer they ate at The Stray Dog on the day it burned down.

“I’m going to order a grouper sandwich and pretend like I’m on the docks of Florida. They have great grouper here," said Ruddy.

The restaurant has been a local favorite for years, and it’s well known for its eclectic dog decor.

Many people have missed the restaurant in the year the owners took to rebuild it, but today they were all smiles.

Leslie Danesi, the owner, was glad she took a leap of faith with her husband and reinvested in the restaurant.

“After a year of struggles working with the city and rebuilding we were really excited to open. I think we've got a great amount of our old staff and a lot of new people, so a lot of smiling faces!"

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