Theater accommodates soldiers with PTSD

 Movies 6 in Mishawaka is helping veterans this Memorial Day by showing the film “American Sniper” to those with post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, or sensory sensitivity.

According to Assistant Manager Sarah Mack, PTSD is something many do not know about, and they want to be accommodating to everyone.

“A friend of mine was asking if we were going to be getting “American Sniper” soon because her husband, who is a veteran, has PTSD. He really wanted to see the movie, but he couldn't handle being in a dark room with the loud noises,” said Mack.

General Manager Terra Jackson says they offered a sensory showing, which is different from a normal showing.

“The lights will be left dim-like. When you go to the movies, the trailers start and they go dim. They are going to stay at that level, and then we are going to lower the sound a little bit,” Jackson said.

The showing started at 4:30 p.m. Monday afternoon.

If a movie-goer needs someone to talk to, the theater coordinated with the local VA to have someone on hand in the parking lot.

Movies 6 says they plan on doing more sensory showings like this one in the future.

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