Theft at University Park Mall

At this time of year, officers always tell shoppers to be on high alert, thieves are getting more sophisticated in their crimes.

A string of car break-ins on Grape road in Mishawka are raising questions due to the similarities the vehicles being targeted share. 

Police reports lay out vehicle thefts from GM vehicles being broken into while they sat parked and locked at the University Park Mall.

With holiday shopping is in full swing, parking lots are turning into meccas for criminals.

Vehicle owners are finding no damage on the outside of their cars, but when they look inside personal belongings are missing.

According to Mishawaka police reports, several cases of thefts from vehicles have been  reported since November 24, which happened in the University Park mall parking lot.

They all have something in common.

Models like Yukon's, Trail Blazers, and Suburban's, all larger vehicles only between the years of 2003- 2009 are being targeted.

Police say, the crooks are using some sort of technology to gain access to your belongings.

The suspect or suspects are using a device to either jam or open the doors of these vehicles that are being locked by key less remotes.

Police tell me, it is best to lock your vehicle with your actual key – instead using your cars upgraded features.

Police say whoever is doing this is using someone sort of form of technology. 

General motors released a statement saying they are not able to comment on these specific cases but that each generation of vehicles they do put out they improve their models security. 

Police are needing help from the public to find the suspect or suspects, if anyone has any information they are asked to call police. 

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