Theft/Fraud ring targets Indiana Off-Road vehicle dealers

The Indiana State Police have become aware of eight confirmed cases which have occurred throughout the state of Indiana recently exhibiting similar fraudulent activities.

Trends noticed by the police include fraudulent credit card or ID, over the phone purchase, stating they are buying the vehicle for someone else, a moving van/ rental truck is used, and the credit card is declined, multiple credit cards might be used, or the transaction might be disputed later by the actual credit card owner.

The Indiana state police recommends being cautious of over the phone transactions, review purchase policies, insist of the buyer picking of the vehicle themselves, require the buyer to bring credit card and ID with them, and the verify transaction will go through.

The state police do not consider the recommendations above as a complete list to prevent fraud or theft.

The state police recommend contacting your local police department or the state police if you suspect fraud.

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