Thieves throw bricks at puppies, run off with Flaming Hot Cheetos

NOW: Thieves throw bricks at puppies, run off with Flaming Hot Cheetos


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A local man says a pair of thieves attacked his family dogs, just to steal vending machine snacks from his shed.

When Brian Ramsay came back from a bike ride with his kids, he knew something was wrong. 

His shed in the backyard was broken into, so he decided to look at the surveillance video. 

"Looking up at my house, jumping to see if anyone was watching, and then seeing him pick up items and throw them," describes Ramsay. "You can see in the video. He picks it up. It's so heavy, he had to use two hands."

Ramsay shared the video of two teens, one riding what looks to be a Limebike, picking up concrete bricks, and throwing them over the fence at his family dogs. 

"Some hoodlums want to steal and throw rocks at my pets," he says. "The chunks of concretes are bigger than my dog, and definitely bigger than my puppy. If it would have hit one of them, it definitely would have killed the,"

But what were the thieves even after?

"Cases of Flaming Hot Cheetos, and Fritos, and things like chips," he says. 

The boxes, stored in his shed, were for an upcoming community motorcycle event.

It's violence for some vending machine snacks, and Ramsay can't wrap his head around it.

"It's pretty ridiculous. When I first saw that they didn't steal my tools or anything, I realized they stole food," he says." 

And he says, this is an example of the rising crime plaguing south bend. 

"To find out it was teenagers stealing food for a bike event we have, and then on top of that hurting my puppies," he explains. "I'm not even concerned about the food, more than I am about my animals. Food can be replaced, a life can't."

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