Thieves took 81-year-old's snowblower from garage

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Police say it is a winter trend. Thieves are breaking into garages looking for hot ticket items and they are targeting snowblowers now that winter has arrived.

81-year-old Ervin Kuspa is an active member of the community, even in his twilight years.

He has worked as a church Deacon with a local catholic church for 41 years now, but as he recovers from hand surgery there is only one thing on his mind, snow!


Kuspa knew there was more snow on the way, so he got his snowblower tuned up, but last week a thief pried his garage door open and took it.



"So, I went to the garage and looked in there and it was like someone hit you in the head, I looked down and it was gone. The snow-thrower was gone," says Kuspa.


Out of all the valuable things in his garage Kuspa's snowblower was the only thing taken. Kuspa was surprised by the break-in because he says he has done everything right, from installing a steel door with a bolt lock along with security lights that light up the house when someone walks through.



"You seem violated. It's something they take away from you, I mean it's not just the snow-thrower but that feeling."


There is one thing Kuspa says he wish he would have done, write down the serial number of his snowblower. A helpful tip he got from police that came too late. "He said they can check the pawn shops with the serial number to catch them".


 In the meantime, both his family and neighbors have agree to help clear the snow until he can get the snowblower replaced.

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