Think Pink with Paqui a huge success

From pink wigs to pink leather boots, pink took over the Morris Country Club Wednesday for the 3rd Annual Think Pink with Paqui Golf Tournament.

Kim Chappell, Rachel Brown, Emily Evans and Marissa Kerby participated in the sold out event - even though they don't play golf.

Luckily--- Think Pink with Paqui wasn't really about golf.

"We lost one of our friends three years ago this month," said Lori Razzano.

It's about remembering those lost, raising money, funding research and saving lives.

That's where Seattle doctor Steven Quay comes in.

He spoke about his new research and a different way of detecting breast cancer before it ever shows up at all. It's called Forcyte.

"This test is much like the blood test for cholesterol or for stroke. It's the equivalent for breast cancer," said Dr. Quay.

Forcyte works is non-invasive and takes minutes.

The device extracts fluid from the breast and the doctor tests it for what's known as hyperplasia, or cells that could turn into breast cancer.

"It's nothing. I've been through MRI, mammogram, ultrasound and not that those things are bad, but they are invasive and intense. But for the cyte test you are in and out in a matter of minutes," said Annie Passanini.

If it does turn out positive, Dr. Quay is working on a treatment before it ever turns into cancer.

"We are going to begin trials soon on a treatment for that so much like cervical cancer has been prevented by the pap smear we can prevent breast cancer," said Dr. Quay.

The research brings relief.

"What this test gives me is more peace of mind for the immediate future which is comforting," said Passanini.

There are 500 doctors across the country who are using the new Forcyte test--click here for more information.

The next Think Pink with Paqui is already set for October 1st of 2014

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