Tim Scott elected South Bend Common Council President

The South Bend Common Council voted on its officers for 2015 Monday night.

The Council voted 6-2 for Tim Scott to take over as council President.

Derek Dieter was elected Vice President.

Karen White was named the Chairperson of the Committee of the Whole.

Oliver Davis says now that he is no longer Council President, he will have more time to focus on bettering the people of his district.

Scott says he's ready to lead the council in the new year.

Scott says he is eager to have the help of Dieter and White.

“Derek and I don't always agree on things but I'm happy to work with him, he has a lot of experience,” said Scott.

The change in command is being met with some opposition from 2nd District Council Member Henry Davis Junior.

Davis Junior says the ACLU is suing Scott over the Social Media Guidelines bill passed last month.

Scott said, “There are no lawsuits against me. I'm not named in any lawsuits I'm not sure what Henry Davis is saying there.”

Scott says he realizes there will be bumps in the road no matter who is council President.

He added he's just looking forward to making 2015 better for the council and for the people of South Bend .

“Whether we all get along or not, the thing we need to do is communicate with each other as best as we possibly can,” says Scott.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg sent in this statement congratulating the new leaders.

“I would like to congratulate newly elected Council President Tim Scott, along with Vice President Derek Dieter, and Chairperson of the Committee of the Whole, Karen White. I am looking forward to working with the Council officers to continue moving the City forward and hope 2015 will be an especially fruitful year for our community.”

The first regular Council meeting will be Monday, January 12th
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