Tim Scott resigns as South Bend District 1 Common Council President

NOW: Tim Scott resigns as South Bend District 1 Common Council President


SOUTH BEND, Ind.—South Bend District 1 Common Council President Tim Scott announced his resignation today after three terms in office.

In Scott’s resignation letter, he explains that his decision in part is because of personal reasons, and states that it’s time to step away and have more time with his family.

District 5 council member Jake Teshka said that he understands Scott’s reasoning, and that although they didn’t always side with one another, that Scott is someone who has always loved this city and that he will be missed.

“Tim and I are from different political backgrounds, we’ve had plenty of policy disagreements, we’ve really become friends so I’m going to miss him on the council. I’m going to miss joking around with him and miss the way that he leads us on the tough issues,” Teshka said.

District 3 council member Sharon McBride said that she’s been working by Scott’s side for 8 years and that his departure is a major one for the city

“With Tim resigning now filling that role again is defiantly going to be another drastic change, in the midst of COVID, in the midst of what we’re going through now, with everyone still navigating and learning one another and how our programs works and fits together. So, it’s chaotic of course but just a process that we all got to continue to learn ,” McBride said.

District 1 Vice President Karen White, one of Scott’s closest confidants said that Scott’s resignation will come as a surprise for some as it did her, but that the council will not allow his departure to interrupt normalcy.

“We will get through this and we will work closely together to ensure that there will be no interruption in terms of service or any type of work that we do as a council. The work will continue,” White said.

South Bend Mayor James Mueller wasn’t available for an interview on Scott’s resignation, but says in a statement quote:

"I'm disappointed by this news. Tim cares deeply about our city, and I thank him for his years of service to our residents. I wish nothing but the best for him."

It’s unknown at this time who will take his Scott’s place but the council is confident that they will find the right person to fill in the shoes that he left behind.

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