Tips to keep your gas flowing in cold weather

Cold weather can be tough on our cars, especially when it comes to gasoline.

Like any liquid, it evaporates less when it is cold which makes it harder to burn.

AAA suggests having some ether nearby.

It evaporates faster than gasoline in cold weather.

All you have to do is spray it into the engine.

You can find it at most automotive stores.

If your gas line freezes, your car won't be able to start until it thaws.

AAA also says to stop this from happening to you, just add "gas line anti-freeze" to your tank.

That's also known as "dry gas."

Some gas stations already add it to their gas during cold weather months, so just check with your favorite station to see if they add it.

Last but not least, keep your tank full.

It's a lot harder to start a cold car with a mostly empty tank.

Gas up often before letting the car sit. 

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