Toll road drivers stay ahead of storm

ST. JOESPH COUNTY, Ind. – Drivers on the Indiana Toll Road tried to stay a mile marker a head of the snow storm on Thursday.

John Shaffer was traveling along the toll road coming from Chicago and wanted to make sure the snow stayed behind him.
"Well of course I'm trying to beat it. I got to get fuel here so I can keep rolling,” said Shaffer.
The Indiana Toll Road Crews themselves didn’t want the weather to get the best of them.
Maintenance Manager Pat Condon said they made sure to have trucks loaded with salt out on the roads way before the storm ever hit.
"The other trucks are actually out on the road loaded and waiting for the transition,” said Condon.
He said the crews started their 12 hour rotating shifts and the hours will stay that way until the snow stops.
“We’ll remain on those 24/7 until the storm is over, looks like Saturday,” said Condon.
Condon said as of early Thursday afternoon they had 46 plows on the roads and at least five others on standby of they needed them.
"They run anywhere from a seven to 12 mile stretch depending on what's in that stretch,” said Condon.
He said if you’re out on the roads take it slow and give the plows plenty of space to work.

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