Tolson Center ignites community as renovations are set to be made.

NOW: Tolson Center ignites community as renovations are set to be made.

ELKHART, Ind. – The Elkhart community was ignited once word became official about one of their legendary buildings being restored. The Tolson Youth Center received a $200,000 grant from the Elkhart Community Foundation to provide renovations to the building. Renovations, some in the community felt was overdue.

“Man what they did for this community, did for our city and our kids man, it’s way overdue man, in my opinion it should be bigger and better and it’s only going to get bigger and better,” said Elkhart resident Kyran Calhoun.

Located on the south side of Elkhart the Tolson Center serves as the heart beat of the community. Many rely on activities the center provides to help keep their children safe and engaged in their future. Residents say the Tolson is too important because of the activities and help they provide children in the community.

“Overall community for the north side, to the east side, to the west, to the whole Elkhart, everything because it’s going to keep all kids out of trouble not just the south side, all the kids,” said Elkhart resident Darius Curry.

The Elkhart Community Foundation, who is handling the funds for the Tolson, received it from an organization called the “Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow Initiative.”  

They are one of 84 foundations across the area receiving payment, with residents excited to just be one of the communities receiving this grant.

“It means everything, like, a kid coming up that is what we went to, coming from bad projects, the hood you know this place kept your head on straight. It gave you a light at the end of the tunnel,” said resident Kyran Calhoun.

The renovations are still in the planning phase, but now that the funds officially have been granted, what those renovations look like will be unveiled in the near future.

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