Torrid pace of tornadoes could finally slow down

NOW: Torrid pace of tornadoes could finally slow down

Severe weather has been hard to escape this year, both in Michiana and across the United States. 

Specifically, tornado reports are running well ahead of schedule. As of June 4, there have been more than 1100 reports of twisters across the country. That is 300 tornado reports above the typical count through June 4 and is on pace for the second most tornado reports on record.

Tornado counts since 2010 across the United States. 2024 is in red. NOAA, SPC

In fact, on 37 out of the last 40 days, there has been at least one tornado reported somewhere in the United States. 

Michiana has not been spared from the severe weather, as four weeks ago, multiple tornadoes ripped through Cass and St. Joseph counties in Michigan. 

Twin Lakes is still cleaning up after an EF-1 tornado blasted through on May 7. 

Thankfully, there are signs that the weather will finally quiet down for the next week or two. Severe weather looks unlikely this weekend and early next week. 


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